About Us

Chester Humanists was founded in August 2005, with the object of promoting Humanists principles, supporting appropriate good causes and providing a means for like-minded people, in the area of Chester, Wirral and North Wales, to meet and discuss Humanist issues.

What are humanists?

Humanists live by the principle that human beings can lead good lives without religion or belief in the supernatural.  We seek to make the best use of the one life we have by creating meaning and purpose for ourselves, using reason, experience and shared human values.

Humanists believe that you should:

  • Live your life on the basis that it is the one life we have, with no expectation of a life to follow if we die and value it the more on that account.
  • Have respect and consideration for the lives and welfare of all in the wider human society of which we are a part.
  • Have respect for our planet and all its other life forms.
  • Support efforts to eliminate poverty, disease,  ignorance and inequality worldwide.
  • Hold no opinion without rational consideration of the evidence and do not hesitate to change your opinion, if new evidence requires it.
  • Defend freedom of expression, including religious views, in a free society and defend the free interchange of ideas and opinions, without which human ideals and aspirations cannot thrive.

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